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The Story of Krieghoff Firearms:

In 1866 Messrs. Sempert and Krieghoff founded a company which ultimately became Heinrich Krieghoff of Ulm Germany and they have been continuously producing European style hunting, competition and collector grade guns since that time. In Europe, the Krieghoff name is synonymous with drillings and double rifles. On the competition shotgun circuit Krieghoff‘s K-32, K-80 and more recently the K-20 have set standards for competitive shooters and gun connoisseurs around the world. On safari the Krieghoff Classic double rifle is the epitome of power, safety, speed and reliability for the hunter pursuing game around the world and chamberings include the newly developed .500/416 Nitro Express developed by Krieghoff in conjunction with the WR Ammunition Company. From rifles to shotguns, Krieghoff firearms are a balance of old world heritage in craftsmanship and superlative embellishment, through the sophistication of modern manufacturing and design. A company not satisfied to rest on its laurels, Krieghoff firearms have continued to evolve the advancement the fine sporting guns market as witnessed by the new and technologically novel Semprio line of rifles and Essencia line of fine shotguns!

Scopelist is a proud dealer and distributor of Krieghoff firearms and can provide further details and information on Krieghoff guns as well as accommodate your order promptly. If you have any questions relating to Krieghoff firearms please call (866) 271-7212.

Krieghoff Firearms Models

  • Krieghoff Classic Side by Side Double Rifles: The Krieghoff CLASSIC double rifle combines the heritage of the traditional side-by-side and the sophistication of the most modern design and manufacturing technology.
  • Krieghoff Semprio Rifles: The first of its kind, the Semprio’s in-line repeating utilizes the ergonomics and kinetic forces recoil produces to optimize the hunting experience.
  • Krieghoff Essencia Game Gun Shotguns: The Krieghoff Essencia “Best Quality” Game gun – introduced in 2003 as 20 Gauge Side-by-Side Sidelock and Boxlock models- has evolved into a line of bespoke firearms for the discriminating hunter

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