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Krieghoff Classic Double Rifle

Krieghoff Classic Side by Side Rifles: The Krieghoff Classic double rifle combines the heritage of the traditional side-by-side and the sophistication of the most modern design and manufacturing technology. Over the years they have established a superb reputation for technical innovation and have set new standards of quality, safety, reliability, and accuracy. In the development of the Krieghoff Classic double rifle, their innovative spirit is coupled with a commitment to their fellow hunters to produce a rifle that has both the heritage of the traditional side-by-side and the sophistication of the most modern design and manufacturing technology available in the world today. The Classic is endowed with the graceful but powerful lines of the classic English double rifle, but it is set apart by a trio of design features that make it absolutely unique among double guns and give it a level of versatility and reliability that is unsurpassed.

Krieghoff Standard Classic Features

  • Purdey style extension between the barrels and the face of the standing breech to withstand lateral bending forces.
  • Twin-hammer action with patented Universal-Trigger-System and Combi-Cocking Device.
  • Ergonomically shaped ”Kickspanner” manual cocking device providing safe, simple operation.
  • Automatic Hammer Safety to prevent the Classic from firing unless it is fully closed.
  • Broad, massive underlugs to withstand wear and provide optimal seating of the underlug in the action.
  • Solid quarter express rib prepared for bridge pivot scope mount.
  • Durable nickel-plated action and triggers to resist wear and corrosion.
  • Standard Grade features smooth receiver with border line.
  • Standard barrel length of 23.5” (60cm), except for double shotgun, which is 28” (71cm).
  • Butt stock from European walnut with conventional, rounded cheekpiece. Also available in ”Bavaria” configuration with Bavarian cheekpiece.
  • Schnabel style forearm. Butt stock and forearm hand-checkered.


Available Grades

Classic Standard Side by Side Double Rifle

  • Adjustable, removable muzzle wedge integrated in the front sight ramp.
  • Calibers available: 7x57R, 7x65R, .308 Win., .30-06, .30R Blaser, 8x57JRS, 8x75RS, 9.3x74R
  • Weight: Approximately 7 1/4 - 8 1/4 lbs. (3.3 – 3.7 kg), depending on the caliber.

Classic Big Five" Side by Side Double Rifle

  • Steel trigger floor plate and steel trigger guard. Hinged Front trigger; Non-removable muzzle wedge for rigidity. (Larger than .375 caliber)
  • "Big Five” butt stock with conventional, rounded cheekpiece and shadow line. Straight comb and larger recoil pad. Length of
  • Length of Pull 14 1/2” (370mm).
  • Calibers available: .375 H&H Mag., .375 Flanged Mag. Nitro Express, .500/.416 Nitro Express(3 1/4”), .470 Nitro Express, .500 Nitro Express(3”)
  • Weight: Approximately 9 1/2 - 10 1/2 lbs. (4.2 – 4.8 kg), depending on the caliber.

Classic "Big Five" Side by Side Double Rifle Grade II

  • All the features of the Big Five plus includes engraved Small Game Scene and Best Select Wood. Custom features and embellishment available

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