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Kowa Spotting Scopes

Kowa Spotting Scopes

Kowa Spotting Scopes are the other name for a breed of advanced spotting scopes. They are high quality instruments especially crafted to satiate the requirements of challenging situations and demanding users. Despite being endowed with large objective lens, the Kowa Spotting Scope series has a compact layout and a lightweight design. The scopes are quite user-friendly and operationally convenient as well. The spotting scopes category, inclusive of Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6x Extender, is divided into:

Kowa TSN-880 Spotting Scopes

The Kowa flagship model features pure fluorite crystal and comes with a huge 88mm diameter lens.

Kowa TSN-770 Spotting Scopes

The Kowa series boasts of impressive 77mm XD objective lenses with low dispersion characteristics to eliminate chromatic aberration.

Kowa TSN-660 Spotting Scopes

The Kowa optics feature 66mm diameter lens and are known for class leading quality and compact layout.

Kowa TSN-600 Spotting Scopes

The Kowa spotting scopes act as the benchmark for portability and image quality.

Kowa TSN-82SV Spotting Scope

The Kowa series flaunts a classic styling and boasts of 82mm coated objective lens with immense light gathering power.

Kowa TSN-662 Spotting Scope

The lightweight Kowa series comes with 66mm objective lens, multi-coated glass and a nitrogen gas filled body.

Kowa TSN-664 Prominar Spotting Scope

The Kowa series is the advanced rendition of Kowa TSN-662 spotting scope. It comes with Fluorite glass for optical quality with higher levels of clarity.

Kowa TSN-773 Prominar Spotting Scope

The Kowa series is available with 77mm diameter lens, Fluorite glass objective lens, magnesium alloy construction, compact layout and waterproofing / fogproofing abilities.

Kowa TSN-883 Prominar Spotting Scope

The top of the line Kowa series features 88mm diameter lens, Fluorite glass objective lens, nitrogen gas filled body, magnesium alloy construction and special eyepiece locking feature.

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