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Kowa High Lander Binoculars

Kowa High Lander Binoculars

Carrying the features of binoculars as well as spotting scopes, Kowa High Lander Binoculars series is the ideal observation tool for viewing in almost any condition. Their optical precision, high magnification factor, large objective lenses, phenomenal brightness and superior quality render them suitable for extremely long range wildlife observation, surveillance and astronomy.

The Kowa High Lander Binocular series is divided into two variants. Both have dual 82 mm / 450 mm focal length objective lenses and come with dual 32x eyepieces that are set at 45 degrees for enjoyable prolonged viewing. The base model is fitted with Achromat lenses to reduce spherical as well as chromatic aberration. The Prominar Apochromat variant, also called Prominar Fluorite, has fluorite crystal lenses to result in even better optical quality. Their lenses further cut down on chromatic aberration and enhance color, and are fully multi-coated for protection against various elements.

The ultimate large binoculars are further complemented by waterproof and fogproof integrity, thanks to a die-cast aluminum construction and nitrogen gas filled tubes. The eyepieces of the Kowa binoculars can be focused independently, and optional 21x and 50x eyepieces are available, too. All Kowa Highlander Binoculars are backed by a durable construction and lifetime warranty. Users can also select from Kowa High Lander tripods, center mount for High Lander binoculars and hard carrying case.

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