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Kimber Revolvers

Kimber Revolvers are a ‘re-introduction’ of revolvers to firearm users and enthusiasts. They have evolved over time, reflecting precision, craftsmanship and superior performance. Renditions like the compact Kimber K6/ K6s Revolver are apt for users requiring a small package with mild recoil. They bring on board legendary quality, dependability and performance along with the power and shootability necessary for applications such as concealed carry, home protection, back up, etc.

These Kimber Revolvers have the smallest cylinder that can hold 6 rounds of .357 Magnum and are also compatible with .38 Special. Boasting of a small frame, their 1.39 inch diameter cylinder and two inch barrel are all machined from the best stainless steel for maximum levels of integrity, strength and resistance against the elements. Complement the all-stainless-steel construction, its list of attributes is rounded off with a smooth match grade trigger for accuracy as well as confidence, rounded and blended internal hammer and edges to curb hang ups while removing the revolver from concealment, and excellent ergonomics along with a grip design to generate an amazingly shooter-friendly experience. If you are looking for a compact and superior revolver providing highest performance, check out the Kimber revolvers and experience an extremely shooter-friendly experience.

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