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Kimber Micro 1911 Pistols

Kimber Micro 1911 Pistols are quite useful for concealed carries, home protection and many other applications. They serve as a great choice for those with small hands or shooters who look for mild recoil without lacking power. They are extremely popular for their stunningly low weight that comes down to less than 14 ounces.

The Micro series is distinguished by attributes such as robust frame, thumb safety, single action trigger with a smooth pull, slide release, magazine release, lowered and flared ejection port for faultless ejection, and sights that are made of steel and mounted in machined dovetails. Adding to that is a beveled magazine for quick, positive loading, and a flush-fighting 6 round magazine along with an extended 7 round magazine (available as an accessory). The slides on the Kimber Micro 1911 variants are machined from stainless steel for high levels of moisture-resistance. The frames are crafted of top grade aluminum for added strength. Enjoy unparalleled quality, dependability and performance with the Kimber Micro series that is also available in 9 mm configuration.

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