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Kimber Custom Shop 1911 Pistols

The Kimber Custom Shop 1911 Pistols lineup is divided into five finest 1911 models. It is marked off by the Kimber Gold Combat models (Kimber Gold Combat, Gold Combat II, Gold Combat RL II, Gold Combat Stainless) that are of the highest quality. Be it features, dependability or performance, they exceed in all the fields. This is followed by the Kimber Super Match II/ Super Match II .45 ACP that is the best all-arounder ever offered by the brand. It is especially made for action shooting and accuracy competitions, but is also carried by many for personal protection. The Kimber Ultra RCP II, on the other hand, is the perfect choice as a carry pistol.

The list of standard features is inclusive of stainless steel slide, frame and barrel, and premium aluminum trigger, and a checkered front strap and trigger guard belly. Also in the offing is an extended magazine well, and an adjustable sight. The Kimber Custom Shop 1911 Pistols are guaranteed to have fired a 5-shot, 25-yard group that is one inch (or less) center-to-center, to lend accuracy and confidence. The Ultra RCP II Pistols, Gold Combats Pistols and Super Match II Pistols are produced in limited quantity by the Kimber Custom Shop.

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