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Kimber Classic Hunting Rifles

The Kimber Classic Hunting Rifle is a classic piece of firearm in the truest sense; it allows you to hunt with the required aggression. It is exceptionally light but high on performance nonetheless. It is especially manufactured around an action with shorter/ minimal dimensions for WSM cartridges. The Kimber Classic features a match grade barrel, an A-grade walnut stock with hand-rubbed oil finish and special hand cut checkering, and pillar and glass bedding for extreme levels of accuracy. The rifle’s action is equipped with a full-length Mauser claw extractor.

Manufactured in the Kimber factory, the Kimber Classic Hunting Rifles series is one of the finest production sporting rifles without a shadow of doubt. It is further distinguished by free-floated match grade barrels, chambers and triggers; with the barreled actions bedded on twin aluminum pillars.

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