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Kestrel weather devices, wind meters/ wind speed meters and weather trackers are synonymous with portable precision. They provide meteorological data without requiring costly equipments or taking truckload of space. The devices are as tiny as cell phones and just about the same price-wise. Furthermore, they are robust, and insensitive to the various elements of nature, including water. Kestrel wind meters such as the Kestrel 3000 let the operator know the speed of the wind, temperature, humidity and the heat stress. The more innovative weather meter such as the Kestrel 4500 tracks almost twenty dissimilar weather parameters, and is also capable of recording data for future analysis.

Kestrel weather devices is divided into the following categories: Ballistic Weather Meters, Blue Ocean Megaphones, DROP, Heat Stress Meters, Technical Environmental Meters, Weather & Environmental Meters and Accessories. The lineup is extensively used in a diverse range of professional settings across the globe. Takers include Firefighters, farmers, HVAC techs, hunters, shooters and military personnel for getting accurate, real-time weather data.

Kestrel has a decade of researching, designing, developing and manufacturing exceptionally precise and accurate hand held weather instruments. The American company is into keeping it simple - satiating buyers to the greatest of lengths and seeking pleasure while doing it.

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