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Kenetrek designs and manufactures some of the leading hunting and outdoor boots, gaiters, socks and accessories on the market.

Kenetrek's true passion lies in outdoor pursuits with good friends, whether that involves chasing trophy bull elk over rugged ridges, backpacking deep into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, or casting dry flies to Madison River Rainbows. The only thing we enjoy more than developing quality footwear for sportsmen is testing and improving these products ourselves. Kenetrek continues to cover ground most people shy away from ... and they depend heavily on Kenetrek's equipment.

Rugged terrain and severe weather can make hunting in the backcountry brutal, but even the toughest of expeditions can become more enjoyable if you take good care of your feet. Because we depend on our gear so much in our outdoor pursuits, Kenetrek has created Kenetrek Boots, their line of footwear that promises reliability and uncompromising performance. We build our boots “For The Trail Less Traveled™” by punishing every product through a rigorous test phase that they can’t help but enjoy. Kenetrek knows you will find total quality and performance with their products because they already have.

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