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Kenetrek Pac Boots

Kenetrek Pac Boots are an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who go on adventures regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. Endowed with rubber bottoms and leather uppers, these Kenetrek boots have been a preferred choice in the north woods for several decades. They have three separate sections to provide insulation, heavy duty brass and steel hardware, 30 pieces of raw rubber and reinforcements, firm grip logger lacing system, removable 6mm quilted liners and are not at all bulky. They are warm, comfortable and waterproof, and can be used even in the mountains.

Highlights of Kenetrek Pac Boots

  • Oil-Tanned Leather Uppers
  • Removable 6mm Quilted Liners
  • Firm Grip Logger Lacing System
  • Hand Laid Rubber Bottoms
  • Heavy Duty Brass and Steel Hardware
  • Multiple types of Outsoles as Options
  • Waterproof
  • Kenetrek Pac Boots on sale will become your favorite boots in daily rotation and come in handy for innumerable adventures. Get them now!

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