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Kenetrek EverStep Orthopedic NI ES-420-OPNI

This is Kenetrek's most serious boot platform and built-in an additional brace system and a nineteen-degree toe rocker that allows the boot to take the bulk of your ankle and foot movement, sparing you the wear, tear, and pain. Some people have had surgeries, a series of foot and ankle issues, or just spent most of their lives pursuing activities that led to overuse... and they all will tell you the Kenetrek EverStep boot is the most comfortable, pain-free solution on the market. Actively prescribed to Veterans around the country for injury rehab, to replace post-op care Cam Boots, and for full time, every day work or play, the Kenetrek EverStep is getting hundreds of Veterans back on their feet and staying there... and they'll do the same for you.


  • 10" tall 2.8mm thick premium full grain leather uppers with one piece vamp construction with no seams down the tongue for abrasion resistance and waterproofness
  • Reinforced double and triple stitching

  • 7mm nylon midsoles for extra support with pack loads
  • Boot hardware that swivels instead of breaking
  • Reinforced rubber sole guard for extra abrasion resistance

  • Windtex® waterproof breathable flexible membrane

  • Lightweight K-Talon™ outsoles provide excellent traction

  • Classified as AFO due to lateral bar stabilizers that provide additional ankle support and 19 degree rocker bottom

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