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Kahles CSX Riflescopes

The Kahles CSX riflescopes lineup is inclusive of features such as illuminated reticles, the brand’s AMV coatings for almost loss free light transmission, digital stageless control for day as well as night lighting, extremely strong etched glass reticle, second plane reticle configuration, top grade durable housing and an extra battery situated in the windage turret cap in most of the models.

Highlights of Kahles CSX Riflescopes

  • CSX digital technology with a battery life of up to to 500 hours
  • Digital stageless control for day as well as night lighting
  • Precise adjustment mechanism for repeatability

  • These Kahles CSX Riflescopes on sale is an outstanding choice if you are in search of a robust, illuminated riflescope with a powerful battery life. Browse through the collection and get the one that suits you best

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