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Ithaca Pistols have the same quality principles that are incorporated in the brand’s shotguns. Each of them bring on board superior quality and accuracy. Ithaca 1911 pistols take into account a hand lapped carbon steel frame and slide for an exacting fit and meeting the user’s demands of a precision firearm. They are 100% made in the USA in Upper Sandusky, OH. Ithaca Gun Company started manufacturing the Ithaca 1911-A1 pistols from the year 1942 to satiate the requirements of the US military. It came up with 382,000 .45 caliber Model 1911A1 pistols till 1945. A Certificate of Appreciation was given to it from the federal government for the revamped manufacturing process of their trigger. Modern versions of the 1911 were introduced in 2010.

Highlights of Ithaca Pistols

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Incorporates the same quality principles that are found in the brand’s shotguns
  • Frame and slide hand lapped to an exacting fit for meeting the user’s demands of a precision firearm
  • Modern version of the 1911 made available in 2010 on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the John Browning design
  • Every Ithaca 1911 renders high quality and accuracy

Select from the Ithaca Pistols on sale and enjoy top levels of accuracy every time you find yourself in action. Buy Now!

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