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How to check your order

When you receive your order, please carefully inspect all products. Please Contact Us if there is any issue with anything you received within 48 hours of receiving the order.

For scopes:

  1. Do not mount your scope before inspecting it. We cannot accept a return for full credit if the scope is mounted.
  2. Check the function of illumination control, elevation and windage turrets for full travel, ensure any included accessories are in the box, etc.
  3. If you find an issue after mounting the scope, please contact the manufacturer for warranty work.

For red dot sights:

  1. The front glass is supposed to be angled/crooked. This is how red dots work.
  2. If the dot appears blurry, it is likely due to an astigmatism or other issue with your eyes. You can confirm the dot is ok by looking at it through your phone camera, ensuring you set the focus on the target your red dot is pointing at, not on the lens or the red dot itself.
  3. Check to make sure the red dot turns on and off, and ensure you can cycle through any reticle options (if applicable), test the auto-off and auto-on (shake awake) features, if present.

For firearms:

  1. Please inspect the firearm carefully before doing any transfer paperwork. We cannot accept a firearm return after you have completed the transfer.
  2. Ensure the safety functions properly, the firearm is the correct caliber you ordered, and that the serial number of the firearm matches your invoice.
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