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Hensoldt Reflex Sight

Hensoldt Reflex Sights are made to help respond to threats instantly and pave the way for rapid target acquisition along with reliable targeting. They are also designed to facilitate execution of sniper/ military mission and lead to self protection. The Reflex sight lineup is made in compatibility with a assault firearms, machine guns and hand held devices.

Also known as Hensoldt Red Dot Sight, the series is specially effective for close-quarters and house-to-house combat. The reflex / red dot sights are parallax free, and can be manually as well as automatically adjusted. Other features include target dot reticle wide field of view, lightweight body, recoil proof and waterproof construction, and short, compact and functional design. To add more, the Zeiss Hensoldt Reflex Sight is made for use with both eyes, to let sniper survey environment while sighting a target and pulling the trigger.