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Gunwerks Rangefinders

Gunwerks Rangefinders are synonymous with exceptional shooting systems that bring on board top quality, unparalleled service and first shot hits at long range. Built to take care of all types of situations, they measure as well as calculate ballistic solution for elevation and windage that corrects for air density and inclination.


  • Users can conveniently program the Gunwerks G7 Rangefinders for various factors such as ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity and sight height along with zero range.
  • Users can get specific air density as the Gunwerks Rangefinder series estimates exact wind hold solution for multiple shots.
  • Target detection in low light conditions and extreme weather is also possible due to the inclusion of four distinct target modes - nearest target, farthest target, strongest target, and continuous ranging.

Other Features

  • Gunwerks Rangefinders series has tightened beam divergence and tweaked software for improved target discrimination and detection at extended ranges
  • Redesigned programming menu for simplified in-the-field updates
  • MRAD units along with MOA and BDC outputs are available to serve the complete ballistic solver for drop and wind.

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