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GRS Riflestocks

GRS Riflestocks

Headquartered in Hornindal, Norway, Grodas Rifle Stocks (better known as GRS) produces highly stable birch laminate stocks, superior quality composite stocks and top aluminum chassis systems for various types of rifle actions. They are extremely popular owing to their state of the art ergonomics and unique adjustment systems, and are now put in use by shooters across the globe to improve their benchrest, hunting, and long range shooting capabilities. For better results and accuracy, glass bed the action to the laminate rifle stock.

The lineup of GRS Riflestocks and other products is carefully divided into GRS Berserk Stocks, GRS Bolthorn Chassis, GRS Hunter Stocks, GRS Hybrid Stocks, GRS Kelbly X Eater Stocks, GRS Sporter Stocks, GRS Sporter Varmint Stocks, and GRS Accessories.

Top Features

  • Advanced ergonomics
  • Unique adjustment systems
  • Built in compatibility with different kinds of rifle actions
  • Suitable for benchrest, hunting, long range applications
  • Lineup inclusive of birch laminate stocks, composite stocks and aluminum chassis systems

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