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Garmin tactix Smartwatches

Garmin combines cutting edge technology with military specs to create the tactix Delta – a solar powered tactical GPS smartwatch bristling with advanced features to give you an edge in the field. It comes equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite Software to calculate aiming solutions for long-range shooting and provides access to the Applied Ballistics Bullet Library which contains over 1,200 custom measured bullets. Should security and stealth become an priority, the tactix Delta is outfitted with Stealth Mode that stops storing/sharing your GPS location and disables wireless connectivity/communication (while remaining operational), a kill switch that wipes the device of all user memory, and a night vision compatible screen that allows the user to read the screen while using a night vision device. Other tactical aspects of the tactix Delta include Jumpmaster Mode which calculates high-altitude release points according to military guidelines and helps to navigate you to your objective once you’ve jumped, and an integrated solar panel which can increase battery life up to 21 days.

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