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EOTech weapon sights and accessories enhance the performance of your arsenal like none other. They belong to the world’s most advanced weapon accessories lineup and are made to cater to the requirements of defense, law enforcement and homeland security. The well known pioneer of gun sights also produces optical sighting instruments suitable for hunting and recreational shooting applications.

With many of EOTech’s technology still being exclusive, the product line of EOTech Sights is inclusive of Holographic Weapon Sights, Tactical Lights & Lasers, Thermal Vision Devices, Night Vision Devices and more.

EOTech Holographic Sights

Different from typical rifle scope, these incorporate a laser to light up the etched reticle (hologram) that is essentially set between two pieces of glass. Particularly helpful in ranging.

EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sights

The classic amalgamation of a EOTech holographic sight with magnifier. Proves to be advantageous as both the eyes can be kept open when the shooter is trying for rapid target acquisition.

EOTech Mini Red Dot Sights

Achieves top levels of visibility regardless of the lighting conditions and assists in super fast target acquisition at close combat distances. Does not have eye relief or exit pupil.

EOTech Mounts and Accessories

Enhances the general usefulness of a wide array of weapons. Compatible with holographic sights, magnifiers, red dot sights, and AK47, AR15, M4, M16, HK MP5, HK UMP, Remington 870, Remington 1100 and Remington 11-87 platforms.

EOTech Magnifiers

Shorter and lighter, and water and fog resistant mounts that are made in compatibility with EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights, and than older models.

EOTech Laser Aiming and Vision Systems

Rugged, lightweight and waterproof weapon attachments that help the user stay focused on the job at hand. Endowed with an easy to use aiming system.

EOTech Thermal & Night Vision

Thermal Vision instruments use highest thermal sensitivity and depend on infrared light emissions to identify humans, animals and vehicles at long distances. Night Vision devices detect radiation of wavelengths that aren’t perceptible to the human eye and convert them into visible ones.

EOTech Training Products

Training Products / Programmes made in collaboration with to help retailers understand the benefits / advantages of holographic as well as thermal technologies.

EOTech Weapon Lights

Tactical lights with compact and sub-compact designs. Can be easily mounted on the weapon / firearm. Suitable for different platforms and use by hunters, shooters and military / law enforcement units.

EOTech Demo

New, unused items that are shown in exhibitions and similar events. Available with manufacturer warranty.

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