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EOTech HHS Holographic Hybrid Sights

EOTech HHS Holographic Hybrid Sight is the classic amalgamation of a holographic sight with a magnifier. This configuration proves to be advantageous as both the eyes can be kept open when the shooter is trying for rapid acquisition of the target. And this is not possible when using a typical/ conventional magnifying rifle scope. To add more, the magnifier can be put in use or detached through the EOTech Switch to Side (STS) mount. The EOTech HHS Holographic Hybrid Sights are distinguished by the following attributes:

3x magnifier

This incorporates a wide field of view, along with 3x magnification, and offers tremendous light transmission.

Switch to Side (STS)

This facilitates smooth transition between 1x magnification and 3x magnification at a moment’s notice, and requires no tools to do the same.

One 123 battery

EOTech HHS Holographic hybrid sights are fueled by single 123 battery which is capable of lasting up to 600 hours under continuous use at full intensity.

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