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Rewards For Product Reviews!

Statement of Intent

At Scopelist, we appreciate and value customer feedback about our products. We also know how much our customers enjoy reading honest product reviews.We encourage all of our customers to share their valuable product insight after their purchases. Customer reviews are one of the best ways for you to get relevant info about products you want so you can make an informed purchase.

Weekly Winners

Every week, Scopelist randomly selects one winning review that was written that week. The writer of the review will receive a $25 store credit for their next order. For your best chance at winning, write a review on every product you purchase from us!

What Makes A Good Review?

  • Honesty. We want genuine, honest product feedback. We want to hear about your experiences with the product. If the product worked for you, tell us why. If the product didn’t work for you, tell us why it didn’t.
  • Provide objective information. Our customers love facts about our products. Saying “Scope is fuzzy at close range” is much less useful than “Scope can only parallax down to 75 yards. Not recommended for rimfire use”. The more informative the better!
  • Keep on Topic and Stay Relevant. When someone reads your product review, they want to know about the product. If you’re talking about a scope, people would love to know what kind of rifle you are using it on, the rings/mount you are using, etc. A problem you had with shipping, your thoughts on other items, etc. are not necessarily relevant.

Terms & Conditions

  • By posting a review, you agree that Scopelist may publish the review on or other social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Scopelist reserves the right to moderate all reviews
  • Submitting a review does not guarantee the review will be published
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