Docter Sport Riflescopes -
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Docter Sport

As the name suggests, Docter Sport Riflescopes are especially made for sporty shooting disciplines and other similar applications. They come under the brand’s sport target sights section and help target shooters satiate special requirements. The scopes bring together outstanding imaging capabilities, highly precise mechanics and a balanced design to deliver peak sports performances.

Important features of the amazingly functional Docter Sport Riflescopes include a top quality eyepiece, lens with parallax adjustment and target turrets. The eyepiece of the scope is rendered complete with a magnification ring and diopter adjustment which are rubber-armoured. There’s also a parallax balancing mechanism situated on the lens of the highly magnifying Docter Sport models. The rubber armour in turn is done in a slip-proof way for fast and dependable adjustment. The magnification scale is set in a sloping position to allow the user to read the set values while the firearm is in aiming position.

The target turrets on the other hand are optional with Docter Sport variants. They are primarily available for extra precise reticle adjustment, as they encourage fast and well readable distance adjustment of the aiming point. Furthermore, the reticle position on the ocular image level of the Docter Sport Riflescopes enhances precision with the help of minimal target coverage. The category is divided into Docter Sport 3-9x40, Docter Sport 3-10x40, Docter Sport 4.5-14x40 and Docter Sport 8-25x50 rifle scope models.