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Docter Basic

Docter Basic Riflescopes lay the foundation stone for a superlative hunting experience. They amalgamate optical as well as mechanical precision along with intuitive operating concept to render a performance that is nothing short of brilliance. They easily fit in today’s range of modern high-performance scopes, and are synonymous with highly robust and functional optical sighting instruments. They offer brilliant, high-contrast images with sharply defined edges every time they are subjected to use. Furthermore, the Docter Basic scopes are bulletproof and climate-resistant; they are capable of enduring worst conditions and offer an uncompromised performance come what may.

Docter Basic Riflescopes make their way from the brand’s target optics section. The variants come in the form of flush hunting rifle scopes, all-round rifle scopes and high power target rifle scopes to cover a diverse array of situations. Their continuously adjustable dimmable illuminated dot generates optimal visibility regardless of the lighting conditions. In addition to that, there is optimal visibility during the day and no over-illumination at night to help users take well placed shots.