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Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 FFP

Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 FFP

The Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 FFP is a long-range wolf in sheep's clothing. Rather than cramming features in at the expense of turret performance and optical quality, the Diamondback Tactical dials it back, putting the focus where it counts. Exposed turrets bring tracking performance previously unheard of at this price point, while its optical system delivers sharp image quality even at extended range. Its relatively simple design places you firmly in the driver's seat with the potential to take on that 1,000-yard mark and beyond, all at a price that's easy to justify for new shooters, your training rifle, as well as experienced shooters looking for a back-to-basics optic on their fun gun. Opt for one of the first focal plane models on a sweet shooting rifle and you've got yourself a perfectly capable competition rig without breaking the bank.

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