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Dakota Arms Rifles

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Don Allen and Pete Grisel established Dakota Arms in 1986. The gunsmith founders joined latest technology with proven techniques to pave the way for a new breed of bolt-action designs and manufacture some of the finest. Today, their art of gunmaking is combined with skilled craftsmanship and modern engineering technologies to retain the legacy and make custom-built Dakota Rifles.

Dakota Rifles feature in the list of apex firearms due to their outstanding quality, precision, materials and performance. The sophisticated firearms offer deadly accuracy, act as a symbol of status and are built for the hunt of a lifetime. The rifles are complemented by ammunition that’s particularly designed to bring about highest performance. Dakota Arms Rifle models comprise:

Dakota 76 Rifle Proven and one of the most coveted hunting rifles across the globe. It has the additional advantage and dependability of the Mauser 98 style extractor for positive feeding as well as extraction. Suitable for different topographies, climates and types of games. Available in Alpine, Classic, Safari and African grades, along with Dakota Traveler versions. Dakota 97 Rifle A less expensive Dakota bolt action rifle that sports a Mauser type claw extractor. The extractor paves the way for controlled round feed. The mountain rifle is available in stainless steel and a synthetic stock, with a round bottom receiver. Weather proof and lightweight. Dakota Predator Rifle Comes with a Nesika Bay action bearing resemblance to those that are extensively used for benchrest competition. Suitable for varmint and predator hunting, this rifle has a rigid, bolt action single shot action. Available in AAA claro walnut/ composite stock with barrel contours options and calibers from .204 Ruger.

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