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Cadex Defense Rifles

Cadex Defense Rifles

Cadex Defense Rifles, available as commercial as well as military law enforcement firearm platforms, is rendered complete with a set of unique features. Its high-performing products bear the legendary precision and quality the brand is known for. They are available to civilians, agencies, hunters and shooters in different calibers to cater to a number of applications. The lineup is divided into Cadex Lite Rifles, Cadex Tac Rifles, Cadex Sheepdog & Shepherd Rifles, Cadex Kraken Multi-Caliber Rifles, Cadex Defense Shadow Rifles and Cadex Defense Tremor Rifles.
Let’s take a quick low-down on some of these Cadex Rifles:

  • CDX Precision Rifles offer the brand's legendary precision and quality and are available as different models.
  • CDX TAC rifles are an affordable option for civilians and agencies who require top-shelf precision and can do away with a folding stock. CDX TAC is available in .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum models.
  • CDX-LITE rifles are highlighted by the inclusion of the folding stock element of the chassis to result in a sniper/ tactical rifle that contains features necessary for the modern operator. CDX-LITE is available in .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum models.
  • CDX-40 Shadow rifle is the brand's outcome in the .408 CheyTac caliber which is considered as one of the world’s top-performing extreme long range calibers.
  • CDX-50 Tremor rifle is the brand’s representative in the 50 BMG caliber lineup. It brings modern technology to a classic caliber, and gets the largest payload onto the target accurately and with very manageable recoil.
  • So look no further. Select from the lineup of Cadex Defense Rifles for sale and bring home the one that is apt for your applications. Order now.

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