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Burris Rings and Mounts

Secure mounting of rifle scopes onto the weapon is imperative for hunters and shooters. In addition to that, not fitting the optical sighting instrument with proper rings and mounts can make hitting a target extremely difficult. It can waste valuable resource and cause immeasurable damage. Burris has therefore come up with Burris scope mounts and rings that are reliable, robust and capable of taking care of all such issues.

Burris Rings and Mounts make sure the rifle scopes are securely mounted to the firearm. They also help in getting the scope squared away, and making the user dead certain and absolutely ready at the shooting range. Options for the Burris mounts and rings include 1 inch, 30 mm and 34 mm rings in a number of styles for compatibility with multiple rifles. Users can also choose from Burris Signature Rings with Pos-Align Inserts and other mounting accessories that are part of the collection.

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