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Burris Eliminator IV

The new Eliminator IV offers more performance with extended range and enhanced ballistic software. Significantly extends the range and accuracy of your favorite rifle, with ranging capability out to 2,000 yards. It greatly increases the distance at which you can make an ethical shot.

A new onboard ballistics calculator offers more data and faster-aiming solutions. Bluetooth laser activation has been added to make it easy to range your target. With a trophy in sight, there’s no need to fumble with smartphones and handheld range finders.

Feed the Eliminator IV your cartridge’s ballistic info and the scope calculates perfect holdover at your exact distance, estimates wind drift, then gives you a bright red dot of accuracy in seconds—all at the push of a button. Just aim, range and shoot. It’s that simple.

Four tools in one advanced optics including precision optics, an internal digital inclinometer, smart dope card, and built-in laser range finder. 

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