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Blaser Tactical 2

Blaser Tactical 2 Rifle

The Blaser Tactical 2 is the latest, most accomplished rendering of the Blaser precision tactical rifle. Based on the Blaser R93 action, the Tac2 was developed in cooperation with military and law enforcement focusing on extreme accuracy, barrel interoperability, and reliability. These rifles are manufactured by Blaser in Isny Germany and imported by Sig Sauer. Sometimes called Sig Blaser, the Tac2 closely resembles the Blaser LRS2 rifle. And although they look alike, Blaser LRS2 barrels will not work on the Tac2 chassis and vice versa.

In 1993 the Blaser radial locking system made a desired dream come true: The straight, steady repetition without rotational movements of the bolt. The bolt rotation that used to be standard had often cost that vital fraction in precision. When the bolt is locked it centers automatically. The shooter stays firmly in his aiming position. The entire operating is simple, smooth and allows more safety when shooting.

1.Tac2 barrel and scope mount: The Tac2 barrel is easily exchangeable. It is fluted in order to guarantee optimum shooting characteristics and equipped with a picatinny rail. 12 moa is standard with 40 moa optional. This allows any scope to be mounted in standard picatinny rings.

2. Tac 2 receiver block: The Tac 2 receiver block is bedding for the barrel and contains the trigger assembly as well as magazine. It is machined from one block of extremely tough aluminum alloy. This receiver is fundamental to the high durability of the Tactical 2. Thermally related tensions are impossible. Because this is modular system, the shooter can exchange a right hand bolt housing for left hand in seconds as well as change the way the cartridges eject.

3. Blaser Tactical 2 synthetic stock:The one piece synthetic stock is absolutely stable even in extreme temperatures. Butt plate and cheek piece are adjustable in length and height. The forearm has a integral UIT rail for bipod or accessories and an optional butt spike is available as well.

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