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Blaser Mounts, Rings & Bases

Blaser Mounts, Rings & Bases

Blaser Saddle Mounts, the Blaser Montage in other words, have reinvented the connection between the rifle and the scope. They are hassle-free, flexible and manufactured in compatibility with Blaser rifles. The mounts are locked onto the firearm with the help of ultra secure fixed screws/ detachable cam levers. The user can also tighten the quick detachable ones so that it can only be removed with the help of tools. This is followed by the attachment of scope rings to the Blaser saddle mount or directly to the scope (in the case of rail mounted scopes).

Once zeroing of the scope is done, the scope can be removed and returned with the least effort. The best part is, the scope will remain zeroed. Besides, various scopes can be mounted on one barrel sans any problem. Four unobtrusive notches on the barrel, that are located at the level of the chamber, hold the one-piece base tension-free, letting the barrel float totally free. Additional adjustments on the rifle are not required and mount swivel is absent.

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