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Blaser R8 Safari PH Rifle

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Blaser R8 Safari PH (Jaeger) Features:

  • Velvet black anodized alloy action
  • Grade 3 Turkish Walnut stock
  • Safari style butt stock with Monte Carlo cheek piece
  • Kickstop recoil reducer, safari forearm with black forearm tip

    Blaser R8 Rifle Modular System Brochure


Caliber:.375 HH, .416 Remington, .458 Lott, .500 Jeffrey
Weight:9lb 4oz
Rifle Overall Length:40.25"
Action:Alloy Blaser R8 with detachable fire control
Trigger:Set at 1.9 lbs
Safety:Blaser R8
Rifle Barrel Length:23 3/4" Blaser Safari barrel
Rifle Barrel Twist:Dependent on Caliber
Rifle Stock:Grade 3 Walnut, black forearm tip, safari Monte Carlo cheek piece, kickstop included
Scope Mount:Not included
Iron SightsNo
Item Condition:New
Blaser R8 Safari PH Rifle
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