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Blaser R8 Rifle Barrels

Blaser R8 Rifle Barrels

Blaser R8 Barrels for sale at are modular system barrels that provide shooters safety, speed, and accuracy. These Blaser R8 rifle barrels are switchable. When changing from one caliber rifle to another belonging to the same caliber family, change of bolt head is not a necessity. During barrel exchange outside a caliber group, bolt head need to be changed also but the exchange can be done easily and quickly. With all barrel contours, Blaser R8 receiver is available. Most popular Blaser R8 barrels are semi-weight barrel, Safari barrels, Fluted barrels, fluted semi-weight barrel, Fluted Match Barrels, and many more.

Wide Array of Blaser R8 Rifle Barrels

  • Semi-weight barrel come with 19mm muzzle diameter and an increased weight to standard barrel.
  • Safari barrels come with 22mm muzzle diameter and an increased weight to standard barrel.
  • Fluted barrels are popular because of less weight along with improved heat dissipation.
  • Fluted semi-weight Blaser R8 barrels feature semi-weight 19mm muzzle diameter and fluted option, which offers less weight.
  • Fluted Match Barrels in the R8 Blaser Barrels category are the ideal interchangeable barrels.
  • Have a look at the Blaser R8 Barrels for sale and buy the one that suits your needs best.

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