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Blaser F3 Shotguns

Blaser F3 Shotguns


Blaser F3 Over and Under Shotgun: Optimized for perfect shooting results from Design to Production!

Blaser, long known for producing innovative and highly accurate rifles, entered the shotgun market with the release of the impressive Blaser F3 over and under shotgun. Not satisfied to just build “another over and under”, Blaser approached the development of the F3 as a project of unprecedented proportions. Taking feedback and input from over 10 world champion competitors, Blaser designed the F3 from the start to link shooter and shotgun into one intuitive pointing machine. With an incredible list of features, design improvements and user adjustable options, the Blaser F3 is racking up impressive competition records and shooter acceptance worldwide providing a challenging competiton to Krieghoff, Perrazi and Beretta. The Blaser F3 shotgun is available in 5 basic model configurations including the Game, Competition Sporting, Game Competition, Super Sport and Super Trap versions. Balance and weight distribution remain the same whichever barrel you choose. Because the F3 is a modular shotgun, shooters can purchase a shotgun and configure it as a sporting clays version, and with addition of a barrel and stock, it can be configured for trap or game shooting.

Standard Blaser F3 Innovative Features

  • Trigger and Lock: 100% mechanical, single-selective trigger function. 3.3 lbs trigger pull out of the box.
  • IBS® (Inertial Block System): The IBS® (Inertial Block System) leads to trigger characteristics that are unmatched.
  • Steel proofing: The F3 is designed to handle the requirements of steel-shot and it is magnum proofed.
  • Ejection-Ball-System (EBS®): Ejector springs are cocked automatically when the shot is fired and the gun is opened.
  • Balancer: The balancer regulates the weight of the butt stock with weight cylinders.

*** Blaser Super Trap Combo Promotion: On July 9 2012, Blaser announced the release of a Blaser F3 Super Trap Combo special promotion that offers purchasers of the Super Trap Combo model a $500 rebate. This promotion gives shooters, particularly those who compete in trap shooting, the opportunity to own one of the finest trap shotguns on the market today at a substantial discount.

To qualify for this $500 bonus check the Blaser F3 Super Trap Combo must be purchased from Scopelist between July 2, 2012 through October 1, 2012. Other requirements listed on the Blaser F3 SuperTrap Combo 2012 Rebate Promotion must be completed as described in the attached Blaser F3 rebate form.

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