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Blaser R8 Bolt Heads

Blaser R8 Bolt Heads

Blaser R8 Bolt Heads assist in changing from one caliber group to the other at the time of a rifle barrel exchange. It is important to note that the bolt head has to be changed as well so that it corresponds to the particular caliber group. The Blaser R8 Bolt Heads for sale are built in compatibility with Blaser R8 firearms.

They are available in various versions, including mini right-handed bolt head, mini left-handed bolt head, standard right bolt head, standard left bolt head, standard right titanium nitrate bolt head, standard left titanium nitrate bolt head, medium left bolt head, medium right left bolt head, CH left bolt head, CH right bolt head, Jeffrey left bolt head, Jeffrey right bolt head, Magnum Right Titanium Nitrate bolt head, Magnum Left Titanium Nitrate bolt head, Ultra Magnum Right bolt head, Magnum Right bolt head, Magnum Left bolt head, Magnum Right Carbon bolt head, Standard Right Carbon bolt head, Mini Right Carbon Bolt Head, etc.

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