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Blaser Binoculars

Blaser Binoculars are especially made to cater to hunting requirements at any time of the day and from different distances. They are synonymous with first class hunting optics, offering excellent light transmission, neutral color reproduction and high contrast images.

Made in Germany, the binoculars are equipped with CCC multiple layer coating (Contrast and Color Corrective Coating) to render top image performance in any lighting conditions. They are also endowed with SLP coating (Smart Lens Protection), based on nanotechnology, to provide water and dust protection, repel water and send it off the lens, and make lens-cleaning easier.

The short bridge and a centre of gravity close to the eyepiece lend Blaser binoculars, like the Blaser Primus, the balance required for a comfortable viewing experience and ease-of-handling while observing subjects for longer periods of time. In addition to that, the optical devices are quick to focus, and inclusive of new optical calculation and biggest lenses for the eyepiece for faster image acquisition. This results in a seamless visual experience regardless of the situation even when the binoculars aren’t in the optimum position. All this is further supplemented by a lightweight Magnesium housing that is covered with striking bicolor reinforcement and accented with fish scale texture over the operating elements. These features are not only attractive but also functional as they facilitate proper handling in challenging weather conditions.

To sum it up, serving as perfect long range optics, Blaser binoculars bring on board performance with intelligent protection for various types of hunting.

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