Bergara New Arrivals

Explore the latest Bergara New Arrivals, featuring the Bergara B-14 Stoke, B-14 Wilderness Sierra, B-14 Crest, and Premier MG Lite. Crafted with precision and performance in mind, these rifles offer exceptional accuracy and reliability for hunters and precision shooters alike. Elevate your shooting experience with Bergara's newest lineup, now available at Scopelist.

Hunting Shotguns

Semi-auto Shotguns are an excellent option for upland game as well as waterfowl. With 12 gauge and 20 gauge options available, we have a plethora of options to choose from for next year's season.

Pump Action Shotguns

Pump action shotguns are a great option and provide reliability and versatility in round selection. Check out the best offerings from Benelli, Stoeger, CZ, and more!

Turkey Season Shotguns

Gear up for turkey season with our premium Turkey Shotguns. Engineered for precision and performance, these specialized firearms are designed to deliver tight patterns and decisive shots. With ergonomic features and rugged construction, our Turkey Shotguns ensure you're ready to tackle any gobbler that crosses your path.

Hunting Gear

Gear can be essential in completing a hunt successfully. Sitka, Kenetrek, and Garmin have some of the best gear available. From waders to packs and boots, we have the critical equipment for your next hunt.

Hunting Rifles

Nothing beats the thrill of hunting with a rifle. You need a rifle that is accurate, reliable, and versatile. That's why we offer the best hunting rifles of 2023. Find your dream rifle today.

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