MDT Chassis

With a passion for precision, innovation, and a constant drive to help their customers, MDT originated out of one sole purpose: to provide more value and more accuracy for precision rifles. MDT developed their first chassis from the ground up based on shooters’ needs.

Remington 700 Chassis

The Remington 700 chassis is a popular aftermarket upgrade for the Remington 700 rifle, offering enhanced stability, modularity, and customization options. These chassis systems typically feature adjustable length-of-pull, comb height, and accessory mounting points, making them favored by precision shooters and tactical enthusiasts alike.

Tikka Chassis

Tikka chassis systems are aftermarket upgrades for Tikka T3 and T3x rifles, offering enhanced stability and customization with adjustable features like length-of-pull and comb height. Brands like MDT provide high-quality options tailored for precision shooting and hunting applications.

Cadex Defense Chassis

Cadex Defense's mission is to provide top-quality equipment for the military, special forces, and security fields. From initial concept, through design, to delivery of the final product, Cadex is the all-in-one solution.

MasterPiece Arms Chassis

MasterPiece Arms, based in Comer, Georgia, takes pride in crafting firearms and components in-house. Their dedicated team designs top-notch firearms, chassis, and accessories. Known for quality MAC 10 pistol clones and machining parts for various industries, they expanded to precision rifles in 2014, earning accolades like The Truth About Guns' Editor’s Choice Award for their MPA-308 BA rifle. Passion drives their craftsmanship, ensuring every product leaving their facility is top-tier.

GRS Chassis

Headquartered in Hornindal, Norway, Grodas Rifle Stocks (better known as GRS) produces highly stable birch laminate stocks, superior quality composite stocks, and top aluminum chassis systems for various types of rifle actions.

AICS Stocks

The AICS Chassis Systems for Remington 700 rifles combine AX and AT sniper rifle features for exceptional modularity. Easy to install with no gunsmithing, they suit short and long actions with .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, and .338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.

Christensen Arms Rifle Stocks

Christensen Arms' chassis systems are renowned for their lightweight and durable design, perfect for precision shooting. With customizable options and compatibility across different rifle actions, they provide a versatile and reliable platform for shooters.

Remington 700 Triggers

Check out the best selection of Remington 700 trigger kits at Scopelist and upgrade your Remington 700 shooting experience. Shop most popular brands like TriggerTech, Timney Triggers, and Geissele.

Muzzle Devices

Optimize your rifle's performance with Muzzle Devices from SureFire, MDT, Cadex Defense, Dead Air, and more. Experience cutting-edge design and superior recoil control for enhanced accuracy.

Precision Rifles

Precision rifles are specialized firearms designed for long-range accuracy, featuring heavy barrels, adjustable stocks, and precise triggers. Equipped with high-powered optics, these rifles are favored by precision shooters and marksmen for their ability to deliver accurate shots at extended distances.

Precision Optics

Explore Precision Excellence! Elevate your shooting with Nightforce, Vortex, Kahles, Leupold scopes, Unmatched accuracy, unmatched performance. Upgrade your game today!

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