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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets is built on its founder, Walt Berger’s, chief beliefs and values. The company endeavors to continue to be the gold standard for top performance, precision rifle bullets, and come up with products that are even better and more effective for the given application. It grows on knowledge and improvements, and looks at the different activities of rifle shooting to understand where rifle shooting is heading in the future.

Berger Bullets products were earlier manufactured by hand by utilizing modified RCBS presses. Producing more than 8 million bullets a year by hand, it later moved on to automated machines, which in turn were made incorporating the same characteristics of the company’s hand press operation. Currently, Berger Bullets has all such equipments to obtain even stricter tolerances than previously held by hand. It has not only evolved the process of making match grade quality Berger bullets (and jackets), but also the bullet designs.

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