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Beretta A400 Shotguns

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Beretta A400 Shotguns

Beretta A400 Shotgun Models

Beretta A400 XPLOR is the best of both worlds, where innovation meets tradition. The A400 Xplor is designed with traditional hunters in mind, the A400 Xplor commands respect even from the most classic of tastes.

Beretta A400 XTREME is designed with the XTREME hunter in mind. The A400 XTREME utilizes the very best of Beretta’s engineering to deliver a rifle geared towards absolute performance. For the most contemporary hunters and shooters, the XTREME is for you.

The Beretta A400 series utilizes a variety of technology to deliver the most premium shotgun. From Butt to bore this shotgun delivers every feature you can think of. Beretta’s Kick-off recoil system has been improved and named Kick-off Mega. This technology reduces the recoil by 60% while still remaining stationary via a two-piece stock which utilizes a hydraulic damper.  Beretta’s Aqua Technology provides a barrier to corrosion both inside and outside the firearm. Blink, Beretta’s gas-operated system, allows for delivery of four rounds in one second. The Beretta A400 combines two of Beretta’s proprietary technologies: Stellium and Optima Bore HP to provide the best barrel in the business. Find out more by watching the video link below.

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