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Benelli Shotguns

Benelli Shotguns

Benelli Shotguns are the most technologically advanced shotguns on the market. Benelli delivers cutting-edge innovation and Italian design. No other manufacturer comes close to Benelli in terms of variety, style, and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a tactical defense weapon or pursuing waterfowl, Benelli has a gun for you.

Benelli Models

Benelli Legacy: The Benelli Legacy is the marriage of modern engineering and traditional design.

Benelli Montefeltro: The Benelli Montefeltro is a light-weight semi-automatic shotgun. The Benelli Montefeltro series uses an Inertia Driven system to reduce weight on the fore-end while utilizing lightweight anodized aluminum in the receivers. This weight reduction combines to create a quick drawing, quick pointing shotgun with the quality you expect from Benelli.

Benelli Super Vinci: The Benelli Super Vinci offers an extension to the Benelli Vinci, which results in a soft-kicking, reliable, light-weight semi-automatic shotgun. The In-Line inertia-driven system provides the most simple and fastest semi-automatic shotgun system ever devised.  

Benelli M2 Field and Tactical Shotgun: The Benelli M2 Shotgun is the workhorse of the Benelli semi-auto line of shotguns. Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the Benelli M2 Shotgun is built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® bolt mechanism. Benelli M2 shotguns are workhorses with the speed of a thoroughbred.

Benelli Nova Pump: The Benelli Nova shotgun is the most versatile pump-action shotgun ever made — and just when everyone thought the pump gun couldn’t be improved.

Benelli Supernova: The Benelli SuperNova Shotgun is a completely new modular design concept in pump action shotguns. At the heart of this new pump gun is a lightweight steel skeleton framework over-molded with a high-tech polymer, making the new SuperNova super light, super strong and almost completely impervious to any weather condition.

Benelli M4 Tactical: When the U.S. Marine Corps went shopping for a combat shotgun, they bought a Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. That’s because a combat shotgun has to function the first time, every time. The Benelli M4 does it for the U.S. military, and now can be the centerpiece of your own home defense plan.

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