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Barrett M107A1 Rifles

Barrett M107A1 Rifles

Just when you think the sniper rifle has no more room for improvement... Barrett completely redesigns their M107, the Barret M107A1. The M107A1 is four pounds lighter while delivering less recoil and pragmatic improvements.

Advanced design makes the M107A1 more precise than the predecessor. The lower-receiver includes an aluminum recoil buffer intended to be used with a suppressor. Numbered witness holes in the magazine tell the shooter exactly how many rounds remain in the 10 round mag.

Shooters have described the recoil from this .50 Cal BMG to be nearly negligible and compare it to shooting a .308 hunting rifle. With muzzle energy of nearly 10,000 lbs/foot, the redesigned Barrett M107A1 reduces the heavy recoil and delivers a superb long-range rifle.

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