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Barrett Fieldcraft Rifles

Barrett Fieldcraft Rifles

Barrett Fieldcraft Rifle is the ideal firearm for those in search of an accurate, lightweight, reliable platform. It is a perfect example of how the brand is pushing the envelope for the precision shooter. Loaded with attributes that serious hunters will definitely appreciate, it is the perfect combination of ultra lightweight design and heavy-duty performance. The ultimate hunting rifle series is developed to be carried further on long days in the field and perform like a Barrett when it counts the most. The stock is made of carbon fiber to bring on board a light as well as rigid platform for shooting from field positions. The actions, on the other hand, are scaled for their complementing caliber and precision barrels shaped for their application. The Fieldcraft Rifle series is punctuated with standardized barrel lengths for short and long action cartridges - the barrel length for all short action cartridges is 21 inches and 24 inches for long action cartridges. It also includes some very intelligent decisions regarding twist rates (using faster twist rates) to stabilize the longer, higher-BC projectiles.

The list of Barrett Fieldcraft features consist of Barrett Precision Barrels, Optimized Bolt Design, Scaled Actions, Timney Trigger, Adjustable Single Plane Optics Mounting, Talley Scope Mounts, Hand-Laid Carbon Fiber Stock, Blind Magazine, Two-Position Safety and Availability in Threaded Models. Besides, the Barrett Fieldcraft Rifle series is capable of enduring challenging conditions that are common in combat, while retaining accuracy and dependability. The hunting series includes all the required characteristics to make the shot and connect with great accuracy, without being cumbersome to the hunter.

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