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Badger Ordnance Accessories

Badger Ordnance Accessories

Badger Ordnance Accessories are made available to satiate various requirements of rifle scope users. They are built of high grade components, adhering to military standards and endowed with an impeccable finishing. The lineup of Badger Accessories is inclusive of mini tactical bolt knob, tactical latch, enhanced bolt catch, titanium castle nut, titanium dust cover hinge pin, titanium magazine catch, titanium pistol grip screw, TDX gas manifold, light rifle-embedded front rail mount for mounting clip on style NV sights, coaxial range finder bottom adaptor, detachable magazine, trigger guard for Remington models, mini FTE muzzle brake, removable muzzle brake, gunsmith muzzle brake, maximized recoil lug, clamp style thread, angle cosine indicator mounts/ kits, ACI ring cap, micro sight mount ring cap, scope ring reducer, micro sight mount ring cap, IMUNS integrated mount for night sight, dead level reticle leveling device, picatinny ring cap, and the like.

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