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ATN Thermal Sights

ATN Thermal Weapon Sights

Thermal Imaging Refresh Rate

The first factor to consider when reviewing thermal sights or thermal scopes is the refresh rate. ATN thermal imaging scopes offer refresh rates from 9Hz (standard imaging), 30Hz (fast imaging), to 60Hz (enhanced imaging). These three categories can be thought of as low definition, standard definition, and high definition, respectively. Higher refresh rates generally mean a higher quality image because the thermal image in the viewfinder is refreshing more times every second. For example, a 60Hz thermal device will refresh the image in the viewfinder 60 times per second, as opposed to 30 times a second for a 30hz model. The difference becomes much more apparent when comparing a 9Hz model to a 60Hz model.

Thermal Imaging Resolution

The second most important quality of a thermal sight is resolution. Resolution refers to the grid of single points that make up an image on a computer screen, camera, or in this case, a thermal imaging device. The higher the resolution, the higher quality the picture in the viewfinder. ATN’s selection of thermal devices will normally be either 320x240 pixels or 640x480 pixels. Thermal scopes with a 320x240 pixel resolution offer the same picture quality you can expect from a standard definition television. This is usually enough detail for imaging out to about 500 yards. Thermal scopes with a 640x480 pixel resolution will have roughly four times the total pixels of a 320x240 pixel unit, and therefore will have a sharper image, and these units will often image out to nearly 800 yards.

Available Thermal Sights

  • ATN OTS: The ATN OTS line of thermal imaging sights are monocular and binocular type sights utilizing uncooled thermal imgaging technologies. OTS handheld thermal monoculars are small enough to fit into a pocket, yet powerful and rugged enough to serve as a valuable tool for situations ranging from home security to professional law enforcement.
  • ATN FIITS: A combination night vision scope and thermal scope in a binocular configuration. These thermal night vision binoculars are professional grade, designed for professional surveillance, home security, and law enforcement.
  • ATN ThOR: ATN’s Thermal Optic Riflescope, the most advanced thermal riflescope currently available. Color OLED screen and a choice of 32x240 or 640x480 resolution. Serious thermal capabilities for professionals.

The ATN ThOR Thermal Weapon Sight (available in both black/white and color) is a top of the line thermal weapon scope with imaging capabilities suitable for law enforcement, military, and border patrol. Available with 2x magnification, this thermal weapon sight allows unobstructed views of thermally active objects through smoke, fog and darkness. The ATN ThOR thermal weapon sight is completely waterproof and weighs just 2.3 lbs with batteries.

ATN ThOR Device Simulator

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