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ATN NVG7 Night Vision Goggles

ATN Night Vision Goggles

ATN NVG7 Night Vision Goggle Review

The NVG7 night vision goggle from ATN is a compact single tube goggle intended to be helmet mounted for hands-free operation. All metal construction makes this night vision monocular a dependable choice for law enforcment, security, and other professional applications. Each NVG7 includes an infrared illuminator for total darkness operation.

All NVG7 night vision goggles are regulated by the US State Department and are only for sale within the United States. International customers who want to purchase an ATN night vision goggle should contact us directly by email or phone for a list of goggles that can be sold internationally.

NVG7 Models Available

  • ATN NVG7-2: Basic 18mm 2nd Generation tubes for reliable operation at an affordable cost.
  • ATN NVG7-CGT: Similar to the AN/PVS series of NVG, utilizing custom grade tubes (CGT) for improved Generation 2 performance.
  • ATN NVG7-HPT: An improvement over Generation 2 tubes that provides a resolution of 54-72lp/mm and a signal to noise ratio of 18-24.
  • ATN NVG7-3: Military specification Generation 3 night vision goggles using thin film IITs.
  • ATN NVG7-3A: Similar to Generation 3, but only the best Generation 3 image intensifier tubes are selected for 3A devices.

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