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ATN Night Vision Review

ATN is one of the world leaders in night vision technology. Night vision was originally developed for military purposes, but ATN has, through innovation and dedication, designed and built a comprehensive lineup of night vision devices for every application imaginable. ATN has reimagined the technology used by special forces worldwide, and designed accompanying models that are affordable and civilian friendly while still maintaining the capability and reliability of milspec night vision.

There are generally two types of night vision systems availble. The first is what is generally known as image enhancement, the process used by conventional night vision devices. Image enhancement works by collecting ambient light from stars, the moon, nearby lights, or an infrared illuminator. This is done by several components working in combination. Image intensifier tubes, photocathodes, and microchannel plates all work together (in a very complicated process) to amplify collected light so it is visible to the human eye.

The second type of night vision system utilizes thermal imaging. Thermal imaging differs from image enhancement because it does not collect visible ambient light, which is only visible because it is reflected off objects. Instead, thermal imaging systems look for infrared light, which is emitted by objects instead of reflected. An easy explanation of thermal imaging is that it reads the temperature of an object, and displays a picture depending on that temperature. Usually, the hotter an object, the brighter it will appear on a black and white screen. Color thermal vision sights are also available, and color will vary based on temperature. Since thermal imaging devices do not rely on reflected light, their effective range is far beyond that of conventional night vision devices.

Available ATN Night Vision Devices

  • Day/Night Weapon Systems
  • : Generation 2, Generation 3, and Generation 4 night vision devices that provide night vision capability to conventional rifle scopes. Easy mounting, no removal of the existing scope is required, and no need to zero the rifle as long as the scope is not moved. Excellent for hunters and competition shooters.
  • Night Vision Binoculars
  • : Whether your needs are tactical or recreational, there is a model of night vision binocular within your budget.
  • Thermal Cameras
  • : The ATN Thermal Eye is the world’s smallest thermal camera currently available, and is in stock and ready to ship. See human heat signatures clearly and take photos out to 1/4 mile.
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • : Helmet mounted or handheld, several models are available for hunting, security, surveillance, and recreation. Available technologies from Generation 1 night vision to Generation 4 night vision.
  • Night Vision Monoculars
  • : The advantages of a night vision goggle or night vision binocular without the large form factor. Three models are available: the ATN Night Storm, ATN MO4, and ATN 6015.
  • Thermal Sights
  • : Thermal imaging sights ranging from the modest OTS-30 thermal sight all the way up to the FIITS14 Generation 4 night vision/thermal combination sight. Scopelist carries a large selection of thermal sights for every need.

ATN Videos

ATN Mars Rifle Scope ATN Mars Rifle Scope ATN NVM-14 Night Vision ATN NVM-14 Night Vision ATN PS22 Scope Attachment ATN PS22 Scope Attachment

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