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ATN Night Vision Monoculars

ATN Night Vision Monocular

ATN Night Vision Monocular Review

Since the introduction of night vision technology for military use, the civilian and law enforcement sectors have had a need for robust and reliable night vision technology at an affordable price. The capabilities of milspec night vision binoculars and goggles is now available in a more compact and affordable night vision monocular for a wide array of applications. The same technology used on battlefields worldwide is now available in an impressive lineup of consumer devices.

ATN night vision monoculars are available with Generation 1 through Generation 4 night vision technology, so it’s likely that regardless of the intended use, there is a model available that will suit your needs. An additional feature that sets these monoculars apart from traditional binoculars and goggles is the availability of camera adapters, doublers, and additional infrared illuminators. This means more possibilities for night photography, monitoring, or video recording. Browse our selection with confidence and please call us with any questions.

Available ATN Night Vision Monoculars

  • ATN Night Storm Monocular: An entry level night vision monocular for a wide array of civilian applications. Includes total darkness IR system, 1.5x magnification, and is completely waterproof.
  • ATN MO4 Monocular: The only monocular offered by ATN with SMART technology, a system that turns the unit on or off depending on the angle at which it’s held. This means longer tube life and longer battery life.
  • ATN 6015 Monocular: The 6015 night vision monocular is a professional grade night vision device for any situation. This model is only available for sale within the United States and is only available in the latest night vision generations.

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