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ATN Night Vision Goggles

ATN Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggle Review

ATN Night vision goggles are commonly mounted to helmets for hands free use in tactical, rescue, and night time hunting sitations. Most night vision goggles work in the same way as other night vision scopes, by collecting and amplifying existing light. Since night vision goggles are occasionally used indoors in tactical situations where natural light is not available, these units also contain infrared illuminators to provide visible light to the user. offers a comprehensive selection of ATN night vision goggles with models that utilize Generation 1 through Generation 4 night vision technology. Standard features include built in infrared illuminators, battery life between 40 and 60 hours, and a two year warranty. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, there is an ATN night vision goggle to suit your needs.

Night Vision Goggles Available

  • ATN Night Cougar: The ATN Night Cougar night vision goggle is an entry level hands free night vision goggle. Includes multi-coated lenses for protection from elements, and a built in IR illuminator. This is a first generation night vision goggle and is available at the best price from
  • ATN Viper: This versatile night vision goggle system is our most affordable. Available 1x magnification with an optional 4x or 8x magnification. This is a very lightweight unit that can be used as a monocular, mounted on the head or helmet, or attached to a camera for night photography.
  • ATN NVG7: A single tube night vision goggle manufactured to withstand MIL-ST-810, meaning it is rugged enough for everyday use. Contains IR illumination for visibility in areas without natural light to amplify. The ATN NVG7 night vision goggles can be handheld, mounted on a helmet, or head mounted.
  • ATN PS7: A military spec, single tube goggle. Reliable and dependable, and one of the standard issue night vision goggles for US Army ground troops.
  • ATN PVS7: A top of the line night vision optic available in generation 2 and 3 models. This rugged unit is one of ATN’s top of the line goggles and is another model which is standard issue to US Army ground troops.
  • ATN PS15: The PS15 is a dual tube optic, and the top of the line night vision goggle from ATN. Designed for the best possible clarity at longer distances and used by security forces and special operations teams where lives depend on functioning night vision.

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