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ATN Night Vision Binoculars

ATN Night Vision Binoculars

ATN Night Vision Binocular Review

ATN is one of the world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality night vision binoculars. The available lineup of binoculars from ATN ranges from affordable 1st generation night vision devices to the latest in 4th generation binoculars for military and law enforcement applications. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a reliable night vision binocular for wildlife observation, or a law enforcement officer looking for a top of the line binocular for tactical operations, there is sure to be an ATN binocular that can do the job.

When selecting a night vision binocular, you should first determine the ranges at which you’ll be observing. Early generations of night vision binoculars have a shorter maximum viewing distance, whereas later generations will have a sharper image at long distances. The functional limitations of some generations of night vision should be considered when selecting the binocular best suited to the task at hand.

ATN Night Vision Binoculars In Stock

  • ATN Night Scout Binoculars: Strictly a first generation night vision binocular designed for light duty and shorter ranges (up to 100 yards). Despite being an entry level night vision binocular, this model does include a built in infrared illuminator, allowing clear images in complete darkness. The Night Scout also includes a host of other high end features such as an automatic on/off function and multi-coated optics.
  • ATN Night Shadow Binoculars: A complete lineup of night vision binoculars ranging from Generation 1 to Generation 4, with CGT, HPT, and WPT models available. All models feature a proximity sensor that will automatically turn night vision capability on or off depending on position, as well as high quality optic coatings, infrared illuminator, higher signal to noise ratios (dependent on generation), and 50+ hour battery life.